La vraie “Guerre des Six Jours”

12 06 2007

Un documentaire en deux parties diffusé ces jours-ci vient rappeler comment la rhétorique guerrière de Nasser s’est retournée contre lui et son peuple. Prisonnier de son propre mythe, il a dû faire célébrer des victoires imaginaires sur les ondes et mentir aux Egyptiens alors que la guerre était déjà perdue. A voir absolument au moment où, un an après la guerre du Liban, les analyses de Martin Van Creveld semblent se confirmer:

The IDF [Israel Defence Forces] launched a classic blitzkrieg campaign: The enemy’s defenses were smashed, its rear penetrated, its forces surrounded and annihilated. All this was achieved in the war’s first three days and at a relatively low cost of fewer than 800 troops killed.


In 1973, the IDF fought as well as in 1967, if not better. Since then, however, its performance has steadily deteriorated.

Forty years after June 1967, the point remains that an army is only as good as its opponent. A force that beginning with the 1982 invasion of Lebanon has fought only opponents much weaker than itself has become weak; a sword thrust into saltwater will rust.

If the 2006 war in Lebanon proved anything, it was just how rusty Israel’s “Swift, Terrible Sword” the title of one of the countless books written about the 1967 war has become. It also proved that as long as the Israelis go on fighting the weak, they risk leaving themselves unprepared to resist the strong who may still come at them.

Des leçons à méditer, encore, et encore, et encore: à force de se battre contre plus faible que soit, on s’affaiblit de jour en jour. Cela reste vrai en Côte d’Ivoire comme en Irak, mais aussi au Liban et ailleurs.




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