Norway to get more involved in the Ivorian Peace Process

6 10 2007

On thursday (october 4), Erik Solheim (Norwegian minister for International Development) and Alain Lobognon (special adviser in charge of media and communication for Ivorian Prime Minister Guillaume Soro) met for the first time. This meeting took place during a seminar organised by the Norwegian Council for Africa, in collaboration with Couper Coller.

During the meeting, Alain Lobognon officially asked Erik Solheim and Norway to get more involved in the current Ivorian Peace process. Mister Solheim accepted, provided – he added – that the other political parties in Ivory Coast accept.

We will give you all the details later today.




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31 03 2008

Cher CC, te voilà “afriktagué”. Explication ici :

17 06 2008

C’est Théo, ne vous fiez pas aux apparences… Salut, CouperColler. Je t’ai taggué dans le cadre d’une opération simple : dire en trois lignes au plus ce qu’Obama t’inspire en tant qu’Africain. Tu peux le faire sur mon blog sur Ivoire-Blog en commentaires, sur ton blog ou par mail.
Viens déjà voir mes “trois lignes” sur mon blog. Merci. Théo.

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